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«My mission in this life is to express my Unique Voice.

In the presence, to remember yours»

Did you know that your focused VOICE is PURE PRESENCE? 

A training to return to remember THE PRIMORDIAL VOICE, and THE LIFE THAT RESIDES IN IT. Allowing well-being;How to identify and prevent VOCAL EXHAUSTION. Manage your emotions through the VOZ, regulate your nervous system. As a man how to balance the  Vocal giving and receiving, Vital energy and the ability to focus, presence and Will.  Vocal integrity  and presence are the remembered pillars on which to establish your authentic Voice in TIME.

«THE ALBUM PURAGUA 3D SFEAR that accompanies you in the vocal

anchoring process»

It is a pleasure to be at the service of your VOICE and YOUR LINEAGE.


Three Complete Vocal Masterminds


Vocal Jaguar | Mastermind

For men. ON-LINE

«The rebirth of my Voice and Presence in my Voice

Returning to Vocal Presence»


Vocal Jaguar | Mastermind

For men. ON-LINE

«The rebirth of my Unique Voice in my body as a musical instrument



Remembering my Unique Voice»


Vocal Jaguar |

Vocal Marriage


For men. ON-LINE

«Anchored in my Voice in the world. How to express my unique and authentic Voice in the World.


The Vocal Marriage»



'' I felt that this is my path. Express myself. Sua my dog has been guiding me at all times. Now let's talk.  I have integrated determination, my body listening, not judging while I express myself and, above all, I have released a lot of suffering''


I wasn't so responsible for everything! 

IVAN - Climber  ( ARAGÓN, SPAIN )

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