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«Embodying my Voice. Be presence»

Im ...

« Intimacy= into me I see »


Of French, Spanish and Italian roots.


I start my professional audiovisual and musical career in the year 2000 in Barcelona, France, I continue it in Buenos Aires, New York, the Canary Islands, Costa Rica in the Pacific and currently in the Caribbean.


I have developed the gift of VISION  as an audiovisual, cinema and photography director for 20 years in the cinematographic, advertising and documentary medium. Leading teams from listening,  observation, portraying life and people  in their most essential nature, in his truth and magic ;

« Committed to Water, the feminine, all my work is related to giving it a Voice

as a Vocal Doula »


I have developed the gift of LISTENING as a sound medicine researcher, investigating and getting started in the ancestral Hawaiian and Japanese cultures, their sound, developing a Vocal method, Cyclic Voice, investigating its effect on the body from the collaboration with J. B a scientist who studies blood from Los Angeles, California, United States. I am a sound channel, true listening has led me to be able to musically interpret the sound of each place in nature where I am as a channel for it. Each vocal and musical creation that I create is unique, intuitive, like life, unrepeatable. 

Lineage of the Rose Oracle wisdom, which awakens the Sacred Feminine in men and women. Activating the solar frequency of sovereignty and freedom, opening the way to the Solar Human.

«I believe inspired by the nature and magic of the Water and the Earth that speaks, with the purpose of preserving the ancestral knowledge that resides in them»

Acerca de

Vocal Offerings


Puragua Album © 3D |

The way of the Water.

«PURAGUA ALBUM in 3D SFEAR, an experience to see the cyclical sound»

I always look for the next opportunity to reflect my daily experiences in expressions always committed to Planet Earth, in this case with the Earth Cycle (based on the method de CYCLIC VOICE ), the animal kingdom and WATER;

I approach life as my great work frequencial at the service of the planet.


Vocal Jaguar ©| Masterminds

«Remembering my primordial Voice»

Return to your PRIMORDIAL VOICE, the first Voice, unique, to that VOCAL FORCE. Your return to that primary Voice, linked to the internal Vocal animal that inhabits us.

To the 3 principles that support this VOICE. The three stages of the mind that allow us to listen and return to this primary VOICE.



VIP Emotional Audiovisual Crafts © |

Creating in precence your Audiovisual pieces for your female project mission.

«The rebirth of my Unique Voice»

With great care, we co-create from rediscovering your Voice, all the communication material that represents your clearest essence: photography, video, original music. May it reflect your essence of  Woman in the world and  at the service of the Planet.

through my methodCYCLIC VOICEI guide your natural presence before my camera .​


Eve in Eden © |

Live Sound Ritual

«The return to human nature»

Eve in Eden takes out the  EP ANDGOES IN EDEN in 2017 and before giving birth to the new album PURE WATER, in 2020, recorded entirely in nature.


​A new album of music composed at the moment and intuitive medicine singing, an experience to feel nature, listen to it, see it, touch it and dance it through the VOICE and the sound of the 4 element

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